SFU ZU Dual Degree Program (Degree expected June 2016)

Simon Fraser University

Sep 2013 - Dec 2015

Burnaby, BC, Canada

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science

Zhejiang University

Aug 2011 - June 2013

Hangzhou, China

  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Computer Science and Technology

Research Experience

Undergraduate Research Student

Sep 2015 - Present

Computational Vision Lab Simon Fraser University

  • Supervisors: Professor Brian Funt
  • Implementated Metamer Mismatch Volume algorithm in C
  • Research in Color Constancy

Work Experience

Software Engineer Intern

May - Sep 2015

Arista Networks Burnaby, BC

  • Improved internal tools in Python to speed up finding and matching bugs in log files
  • Developed a new feature in the next generation of product to enhance user experience of firmware upgrades

Software Development Engineer Intern

Sep - Dec 2014

Microsoft Game Studio, Bigpark Vancouver, BC

  • Developed and maintained the Lua unit test framework using C++ and Lua
  • Wrote unit tests in Lua for the client layer and engine API verification
  • Developed Build Verification Test feature to run core tests automatically for every check-ins using Windows Powershell and Team Foundation Server building tools

Academic Honors & Awards

Dean's Honour Roll

2014 - 2015

Simon Fraser University

  • Every enrolled semester from Summer 2014
  • For attaining a semester GPA of at least 3.5

SFU ZJU DDP Entrance Awards Scholarship

Sep 2013

Simon Fraser University

  • For students in SFU ZU Dual Degree Program based on academic achievement


Programming languages

  • Familiar: C/C++, Python, Matlab, JavaScript
  • Intermediate: Bash, HTML/CSS, PHP
  • Beginnner: Swift, C#, Lua, Java
  • Once Touched: Verilog, Haskell, Prolog, Go, PowerShell

Things I have played with

  • OS: MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • Version Control: Git, Subversion, Team Foundation System, Perforce
  • Web development: node.js/Express, AngularJS, WAMP/LAMP, CodeIgniter


Basically selected courseworks

Computational Photography Projects

Sep - Dec 2015

Data-driven Visual Media Synthesis course(CMPT 469), SFU

  • Programmed image synthesis from a small patch of texture by Non-parametric Sampling(Efros's paper)
  • Implementated gradient domain editing using the poisson equation with Dirichlet boundary condition

Open Source Project Contribution

Sep - Dec 2015

CodeIgniter Framework for PHP Web development

  • Implemented the automatic generation of the table of content for the user guide using JavaScript
  • Actively participated in the official website design
  • Refactored error handling for the CodeIgniter framework

Computer Vision Projects

Jan - Apr 2015

Computer vision course(CMPT 412), SFU

  • Designed an algorithm to detect and count cigarette butts on various background in images using Matlab
  • Implemented color indexing algorithm to detect objects with color information with Matlab
  • Implemented mean shift algorithm to track objects in video with Matlab
  • Implemented 3D surface reconstruction given three images under three directions of source lights. A look-up table is used to improve efficiency.

Multimedia Experiments

Jan - Apr 2015

Multimedia course(CMPT 365), SFU

  • Designed and implemented a software with GUI to read Wav and TIFF files byte by byte(no external library is used) and display them
  • Implemented compressions and decompression for images using Huffman algorithm in C++

Express Logo

Feb - Apr 2014

Web-based information system course project, SFU

  • Designed and implemented an educational online Logo programming website for children to learn Logo programming with joy, in a group of six
  • Implemented using AngularJS in the front-end, node.js with Express framework in the back- end and MongoDB as the engine of database
  • Programmed back-end implementation using node.js and database design

Price Comparison Website

Mar - May 2013

B/S design course project, Zhejiang University

  • Designed and implemented a price comparison website individually using PHP and MySQL which allows users to search for the best value products
  • Analysed HTML pages and abstracted information from the targets

BlueRise - Internet of Things

Feb - May 2013

Project training course project, Zhejiang University

  • Designed and implemented a website called BlueRise for monitoring indoor temperatures
  • Participated as a member of front-end group focusing on the web implementation using HTML and PHP